Are You Selling for Yourself?

Get on the phone with 5 qualified prospects this Week


Zero to Sales 
in 10 Minutes a Day!

Measurable & Repeatable for Sustained Success


Every Post, Comment & Message Has Purpose


Connect and Sell Consistently Every Week

Who is This For?

Life Coaches
One Life Coach selling a $5,000 group program used this method and reported back that she went from two hour long sales calls to only 40 minutes and she felt like she wasn't "trying to sell herself".
Business Coaches
Every business needs guidance and hiring a business coach is a great decision... but there is SO much competition. If you are a business coach, this method will help you become the trusted advisor FIRST versus trying to convince them you know what you're talking about and to "buy into" your strategies.
Marketing Strategists
So many people claim to do "marketing" but you actually do it RIGHT. You have very strong ideas about what should and should NOT be said in the marketing message. Using this method, you will only attract like-minded prospects.
Ads Managers
Stop getting asked for your portfolio! This method allows you to stand out as the expert you are.
Agency Owners
Avoid sending proposals and getting GHOSTED. The agency owners who have used this method have reported seeing a MASSIVE shift in client onboarding and retention (not to mention being able to charge their worth).
Virtual Assistants
When you can do EVERYTHING it can be a challenge to help the potential client with ANYTHING. This opens the door to the BEST kind of clients: Referrals who already KNOW your worth.
Social Media Managers
You know that it's absolutely imperative to have a consistent presence on social media for ANY business. This proven method will help you show your NEXT client how valuable that is without giving any discounts.

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