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Sell More without PAID Advertising
  • ​Make Time on Social Media Work FOR You 
  • Know Exactly What to OFFER (and have buyers)
  • ​Stop Getting Stuck in the "Friend Zone"
Is this YOU?
When your clients work with you, they loooooove you! 

They refer more people to you. 

You get glowing reviews and testimonials… 

....but you KNOW there are MORE people out there to connect with and SERVE!!!
 But HOW??
ADS?!?! You are SICK of all the gurus saying you need to spend thousands on Facebook Ads to get more sales (by the way, ONLY relying on Facebook ads is unreliable....I know 3 people who had their ad accounts shut down recently and it cost them a FORTUNE!!)  

Or maybe you have tried to sell your High End Coaching through an “evergreen" webinar-to-an-application model and been overwhelmed by the complexity of funnels and automations required to make it profitable. 

Not only is that complex, but the problem with bringing in "strangers" off the internet that don't KNOW you (except from some pre-recorded powerpoint presentation) means THEY don't always show up for their apointment OR when they DO, they ask YOU to prove yourself because they do not feel SEEN and heard (that model is outdated and broken). 

Are you SICK of being BROKE between “Launches" and worried the referral well will run dry?!?

What if you could create a consistent, AUTHENTIC way to connect with everyone you meet?  
There is a another way...
What if Facebook could generate profits FOR YOU, instead of YOU generating profits for THEM???
Facebook is not showing posts on your page to many people unless you "Pay" (a.k.a. paid ad spend)
Where is Facebook pointing the 
attention in the newsfeed?  
They are putting it on GROUPS.  
At NO COST to you!!
I have been told a million times how much clients LOVE my FACEBOOK GROUP.  
I have spent the last 20 Years Hiring, Managing and Motivating business people to success with...
  • Organic Marketing 
  •  My unique Stealth ID Tracking System
  •  My Big 3 Formula
AND MOST Important: 

Emotional Intelligence
I have cultivated ALL of that over the last two decades and I'm ready to share it with YOU!!! 
Best.(most profitable) Group.On.The.Block
Discover the Secrets Behind:

The BIG 3 Formula 
Creating, Growing and Scaling 
Your Business 
Leveraging Your Own Free Facebook Group

A totally unique approach.  

Based on scientific psychological principles and time-tested strategies 
(that get results) 

 The BIG 3 Formula is a strategy I have NEVER shared before in this way
(only with my 1:1 clients)  
Your Next Client is Waiting . . .

Discover these Proven Systems Today!!!

The Stealth ID & Tracking System. Identify WHO your next buyers are — so you know who to focus on. This eliminates you POSTING and POSTING to the ENTIRE Group. It's like KonMari for your Facebook Group and it will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you Interact with Potential Clients Forever. 

Copy & Paste Connection Messages for interacting with your new and existing members so that you NEVER fumble again about WHAT to say to move the relationship along. 

REAL life examples as you go through the material (priceless)
Proven SYSTEM.    
Connect with the people who need you and grow your reach with the hottest party in town (yours)!!!!!

Without having to spend hours on Facebook. 
Get it now and reap the rewards forever.     
FACT: Facebook is STILL the Most Lucrative Platform for Nurturing  Relationships. 

FACT: People love to socialize and if you can invite them to the conversation, you will be the one they ASK for advice.

FACT: Email Open Rates Consistently Decrease EVERY Quarter 

 . . .people barely open their emails

 . . . are annoyed by BOTS   

 . . . running ads is expensive and risky  

Groups are THE Most Profitable Place Right NOW!!    

Not sure if Your Group Can Be Revived?

Been Putting off Starting a Group?

The TIME is NOW!! 

Make it EASY on Yourself!!

Inside of this course most of the work has already been done for you. 

No more fretting, wondering or worrying over what to post or send
...I have your back!!   

I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now. I’ve changed the way I write all my sales posts because of what you have taught through the FB group. So thank you! You are super relatable and you make sales fun. – Samantha 

I just want to say thank you and tell you how freaking kick ass awesome you are and so is this group! You are the exact definition of why I created our Superhero Shirt! You are my superhero. – Ashleigh

Renee you are the best! I really admire your ability to build and nurture a community that is focused on connecting and lifting others up. All the while teaching women how to make money in their businesses with tangible sales conversations – Elizabeth 

What You Get:
Stealth ID & Tracking System (Value $500)

The BIG 3 Formula for Starting & Growing a Profitable Facebook Group (Value $700)

Copy & Paste Templates 
*Never wonder what to say or send in a message 
(Value $500)

Master Trainings with Real LIFE Examples (Value $200)

Over 100 of the Worlds Most Engaging Prompts
(Value $100)

Lifetime Access to the Curriculum (Value $200)

Total Value: $2,100 
Only $197
  • MORE Paying Clients
  • MORE Connections
  • MORE Collaborations  
The Strategies to MORE Income & Impact WITHOUT More Time!
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